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5 Gift Ideas Under $50

Delta M Holiday Gift Guide


#5 - 'Royalty on Ice' Handmade Items

The 'Royalty on Ice' collection is our newest Holiday color-way. This collection is available in trays, grinders, ash trays, jars and lighter covers. Shop the individual items of this set all for under $50!

(Note: You can get the full essentials set for a discount if you purchase the bundle).


  • Tray - $30

  • Grinder - $15

  • Jar - $25


#4 - Gold Stick Lighter

The Delta M Gold Stick Lighter is the perfect pocket companion. It is small enough to fit take anywhere and mighty enough to draw everyones attention. This is the perfect gift for a friend who loves candles because the long stick can easily fit into those narrow candle containers!


  • Gold Stick Lighter - $15


#3 - Double Clutch Bag

The Double Clutch bag is one of our signature smell proof bags that come with an inner combination lock and next level smell proof technology. This is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a little privacy or has special items they'd like to keep discreet! The best part, this bag is always available for less than $50.


  • Double Clutch Bag (Nude) - $40


#2 - 'Bourbon on the Rocks' Essentials

The Bourbon collection is the first of our Holiday 2021 colors. This new set has shades of brown and white to get the perfect shade of whiskey. This set is the perfect man cave accessory. Get any of these items for your dad, brother or significant other to step up their game for the holidays.


Tray - $20

Jar - $15

Grinder - $10


#1 - Gold Torch Lighter

The hottest item on our list is definitely our Gold Torch lighter. This wind-proof lighter is bringing the heat for the Winter! The torch flame is sturdy and stands strong against the cold weather. Did we mention the size makes it the perfect item to take and show off anywhere you go!


- Gold Torch Lighter - $25

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