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Sparking the Change. Delta M is a Boutique shop that specializes in luxury smoking accessories. Our mission is to provide women with a luxuriating herbal experience by distributing beautiful products made of quality materials. 


We are searching for influencers or product ambassadors who can showcase Delta M products on their social media accounts both gracefully and comfortably.  As an ambassador,  you may also be asked to test and preview products before they hit the market to ensure that we are providing an extraordinary experience. Our ambassadors are also extended special opportunities during official Delta M events and appearances. All Platinum Tier ambassadors are eligible for payment. Payments vary based on experience/skill, social media followers, reach, and overall market influence. All influencers and ambassadors are given easy-to-follow metrics to ensure they are meeting or exceeding requirements.


  • Age 21+

  • Active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube

  • Social Media Influence



- Linked Promotional Posts

- Product Placement Posts

- Product Review Videos

- Mention and drive traffic to our social media and website

- Attend in-person events*

- Host Digital or Local Events*

* Limited/Special Qualifications*

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